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Hey, What's Going On?

Posted by Keavy Lynch on Sunday, December 1, 2013, In : News 
Why hasn't this website been updated in months? Where's the information about your upcoming show?
Is this even a company anymore?

First of all, yes, Empty Box hopes to continue producing lots of new work, starting in April 2014-
Artistic Director Keavy Lynch has been busy assistant directing and working on her thesis show
(more information will be available on that show later) and also trying to graduate!

Because of this, Empty Box has been put on temporary hold, but we'll be doing some exciting
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Titus Andronicus Interviews: Lucy Shipman

Posted by Keavy Lynch on Wednesday, December 5, 2012, In : Titus Andronicus 
Who Are You? Lucy Shipman, the current lightning and sound designer for the St. Catharines branch of Empty Box Theatre Company.

Shakespeare is...? The greatest English wordsmith of all time and a huge influence on and inspiration to myself and millions of others in the business.

What is the best Shakespeare play?: I've yet to read them all, but at the moment my personal favourite is the Henry VI quartet (Henry VI parts 1,2,3, and Richard III). There is no accurate way to quantify th...

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